Way to go, Iowa

Yay! We are not the Bible-thumping, homophobic flyover state people think we are!



I like to think this isn’t because said rescue dog was looking to eat said other dog.  Still:  AWWWWWWWW

TV Shows

Big news over in TV Recapping land.  Our guy who does American Idol is leaving and guess who gets to take over?  I’m so pumped.  I genuinely love American Idol, plus the potential for humor is incredibly high.

I’ve started watching 30 Rock.  I got through the first two seasons via iTunes in like 3 days.  It’s a high-quality show.

I’ve decided to watch Lost from the beginning in preparation for the season 5 premiere on January 21st.  I have 50 days (because I started today) to watch 82 episodes.  Today alone I’ve watched 5 episodes so far (yay for my day off!) so I’m off to a good start.

That is all.


There is a made-for-TV movie called A Carol Christmas starring… Tori Spelling and Gary Coleman.  It is debuting on ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas tomorrow night.  I. MUST. TIVO. IT.


Couple new columns:  http://www.tsbmag DOT COM/2008/11/04/carnal-knowledge-anal-sex-and-keeping-lists-of-conquests/ and http://www.tsbmag DOT COM/2008/11/11/carnal-knowledge-phone-sex-and-dirty-emails/

Been recapping The Mentalist and 90210 over at Zap 2 It.

I now work at The Morse Theatre.  There’s some good stuff coming to our place!

New Column

I got some good questions this week. (Doug, I stole yours and added some nice things you “said.” Heh heh.)

http://www.tsbmag DOT COM /2008/10/28/carnal-knowledge-exs-sex-videos-and-attraction/

Funniest Thing

The best thing I’ve heard today was when my mom was reading movie titles to me over the phone to see if I wanted any of them.  She said the following:

“Uh, there’s Miami Vice… with Jamie Foxx and Colin Powell.”